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Domestic Steel Increase on Monday, Strut on May 3rd

Domestic steel pipe mills have announced that due to continued escalating input costs, they will be increasing prices by a minimum of the amounts listed below: 6% on 1/2” – 4” Continuous Weld Pipe 6% on 2” – 18” Grade B ERW Pipe 6% on 1” – 10” Sprinkler Pipe We will hold pricing through […]

A Mid-April Commodities Market Update

What’s happening: Lack of availability and strong demand are rising raw material costs Inventories are low and the supply chain is stretched thin A lack of shipping containers and domestic freight is increasing input costs Strong demand and pricing increases are expected to continue throughout 2021 As the Covid-19 recovery continues to gain momentum across […]

Increases 3/22: Globally Sourced Welded Steel Pipe & Strut

The impact on the global supply chain of imported steel pipe continues due to the rising cost of both scrap metal and hot roll coil (HRC), increasing vessel costs and the lack of shipping container availability. These cost pressures, coupled with unusually long delays at ports around the country related to the unloading, sorting and […]

A March Commodities Update; PVC, Copper, Steel

What’s happening: Demand for copper, steel and PVC raw material is high Inventories for materials are low Covid-related supply chain disruptions remain Here’s a March, 2021 commodities update. Please call your Merfish United rep for guidance on purchasing, especially as you consider your needs for the spring buying period. We’re able to help you manage […]

New PVC Plumbing, Seamless Steel Pipe, and Threaded Rod List Price Sheets

As many in the region were, PVC resin producers were significantly impacted by the severe winter storms that impacted the gulf states last week. As a result, all major PVC resin producers declared force majeure due to a lack of available material to ship. The storm caused plant stoppages, delays in shipping, and significant disruption […]

Strut Increase Effective 2/22

Strut manufacturers have announced that due continued rising costs of raw materials, they will be implementing an increase of 10-25% on channel strut products. CRU, or Cold Rolled Steel, which is the raw material needed for strut production, has doubled in price since July 2020.  This cost increase, being driven by general lack of availability […]

Domestic Welded Steel Pipe Increase, 2/8

Click here to see the new domestic welded steel pipe list price sheet. Due to escalating input costs, domestic steel pipe mills have announced will be increasing the products below by the following amounts: 1/2” – 4” Continuous Weld Pipe – 10% 2” – 18” Grade B ERW Pipe – 10% 1” – 6” SCH40 […]

Domestic Welded Steel Pipe Increase on 1/20

What’s happening: Domestic steel pipe mills announced a 10% increase. A new list price sheet is now available. Domestic steel pipe mills have announced an immediate price increase on Domestic Steel as a result of the continued escalating cost of Hot Roll Coil. The increase will be as follows: 10% on 1/2″ – 4″ Continuous […]

Domestic Steel Increase, New List Price Sheet on 12/21

Because of continued rising input costs, domestic steel pipe mills have announced the follow increases on the products listed below: 1/2” – 4” Continuous Weld Pipe – 10% 2” – 18” Grade B ERW Pipe – 10% 1” – 8” Sprinkler Pipe 10% We will hold current pricing levels through close-of-business today, 12/18 and implement […]

A December Update on Commodity Products; Steel, Copper and PVC

Learn more about upcoming price increases on Globally Sourced Steel Pipe and Strut products. As the United States and the rest of the world recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain for commodity pipe products is being tested. Recent coronavirus surges in the U.S. have slowed recent reopenings, but news of upcoming vaccines are […]