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Domestic Steel Pipe Increase Monday

Domestic steel pipe mills have announced that due to escalating input costs, they will be increasing prices on the following products by the amounts below: 1/2” – 4” Continuous Weld Pipe- 6% 2” – 18” Grade B ERW Pipe- 6% 1” – 10” Sprinkler Pipe- 6% We will hold current price levels through the close […]

Threaded Rod Increase 5/9

Threaded rod manufacturers have announced a price increase of approximately 5%, which we will be implementing on Monday, 5/9, with a new threaded rod list price sheet available on our website then. These increases are due to rising fuel and freight costs, energy and production, raw materials, and escalating labor expenses that manufacturers of all […]

Domestic Seamless Steel Pipe and Steel Conduit Increase

Domestic seamless steel pipe mills have announced that due to increased costs of fuel and energy, rising tooling costs, and a tight labor market, they will be immediately implementing a price increase of $200/TON. You can now download a new list price sheet, dated 5/2, on our website. Please call your Merfish United sales representative […]

Increases: Domestic Steel Pipe, CPVC, Threaded Rod, Conduit

The global steel market is rapidly changing. Demand worldwide is rising, while supply disruptions continue to mount due to the conflict in Ukraine, where key raw material exports have become more limited for steel production facilities., causing steel prices to increase. Along with this, shipping and freight continue to rise because of sanctions placed on […]

Domestic Welded Steel Pipe Increase

Due to rapid changes in input costs like raw materials and energy and freight and fuel, domestic steel pipe mills have announced a price increase of $200/TON, approximately 10%. We will hold current levels through the close-of-business today, 3/25, and move to a new domestic welded steel pipe list price sheet on Monday, 3/28. Please […]

Metal Conduit Increase

Due to continued cost increases of energy, transportation, and zinc, combined with the ongoing increases in steel cost, domestic metal conduit manufacturers have announced a price increase that is now in effect. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders now. How We Can Help Merfish United’s business model – […]

Why Steel Pipe Costs Are Rising Rapidly

Update 3/16: The steel market has been highly volatile recently, and market conditions are rapidly changing day-to-day. As a result of rising shipping and freight costs and tightening supply due to manufacturing disruptions stemming from the turmoil in Russia and Ukraine, a price increase of $400/TON or 25% is now in immediate effect. A new […]

Increases on Copper Tube, Seamless Steel Pipe and Aluminum Conduit

Because of market conditions, with copper closing up over $.15/lb this week and up almost another $.10/lb this morning, the mills have announced a new list price sheet representing an approximate 3% increase taking immediate effect. A new list price sheet dated is now available. Also, due to rising costs of raw materials, production, and […]

Threaded Rod Increase, Market Update for Steel, PVC and Copper

What’s happening: Threaded rod increase on Monday, 9/20 Steel prices continue up PVC volatile from storm disruptions PVC conduit increase Copper ups and downs Threaded Rod & Continued Steel Increases Due to escalating input costs, threaded rod manufacturers have implemented a price increase of approximately 10%. We will be uploading a new strut list price […]

PVC Increase Effective Now, Import Steel Pipe Increase Soon

Yesterday, PVC Plumbing pipe mills announced another immediate price increase. This is a result of the continued rising costs of PVC resin and other vital ingredients used in the plastic pipe manufacturing process, which are all still related to the interruptions caused by the deep freeze storm in Texas back in February. These rising raw […]