New PVC List Price Sheet Available, Effective Monday, December 3

Due to the increasing cost of raw materials, PVC mills have a NEW list price sheet (increase of approximately 7%) going into effect this Monday, December 3rd.

You can now see our list price sheet on our price sheets page. Before it goes into effect, please call your United Pipe representative to place orders at current price levels. Don’t forget, you can input your individual multiplier to get you list prices on our Excel sheet available on our website.

Also, PVC Conduit mills have announced an increase as well, which will be effective Monday.

With continued price changes due to raw material costs, mill outputs, tariffs and shipping regulations, we recommend that you use our services as a weekly pipe distributor to lessen the risk associated with these volatile commodity products. Please call us with your Copper, PVC, Steel pipe and Electrical conduit needs: 1-800-777-7473

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