Gil Moreno, US Army, Guest Post For Veterans Day

In celebration of Veterans Day, below is from Gil Moreno, a United States Army Specialist and Desert Storm veteran, as well as Merfish United’s Inside Sales Representative in Southern California.

We will be recognizing our team’s veterans throughout the week. Check back for more!

Joined right out of High School with a couple of friends, and served from 1988-1992. My father (Army), his father (Army), and both of my great grandfathers (Navy), all served in the military.

Did my training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (The Million Dollar Hole) as it was called then. Prior to the Gulf War, I went to Air Assault school out of pure boredom, and was the base NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) NCO… against my will.

I trained Army and Marine troops in personal and equipment decontamination methods, but ended up serving as a Combat Engineer during Desert Storm. I was stationed in the United States, Germany, and Kuwait.

Received a Service Metal, my Over Seas Ribbon with a couple of clusters, a Certificate of Achievement, and a couple of small commendations. I managed to qualify expert on 10 different weapons during my time… which was fun.

It was an honor to serve this great country!