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Copper Trading Up, Increase Effective Now

Update 11/23/20: Copper closed up at $3.29 on Friday, and Copper Tube mills announced a new list price sheet dated 11/23/20. You can download this sheet here. Copper is up almost $.10 this morning close to $3.29/LBS, which is the highest price in over year and close to the highest level in five years. If […]

Effective Now: Copper Tube Multiplier Increase

Due to continued raw material and finished product shortages coupled with dynamic market conditions, Copper Tube multipliers are moving up effective immediately. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders: 1-800-777-7473 Click here to follow market updates. How Merfish United Can Help We help wholesalers manage their risk on volatile […]

Copper Market Update, Multiplier Increase Possible for 11/4/20

Copper remains up over $3.00/lbs, and is up over $3.10 so far today. If this trend continues, we will likely see a multiplier change of at least 2.5% tomorrow. As always, rely on us to help manage your inventor of volatile commodity pipe products.  We keep our stock high, so you don’t have to.  With […]

New Copper Tube List Price Sheet

Copper is up another $.05 this morning (trading around $3.20/lbs at around 12:15pm ET). This is the highest price in over a year for Copper, as well as almost hitting the highest level recorded in the past five years. Follow the COMEX here on our website. As a result of this, Copper tube mills have […]

Copper Multiplier Increase Tomorrow, 10/8

With Copper up over $.06 late today, Copper Tube mills have announced a multiplier increase of 2.5% effective immediately. We will be holding current pricing through close-of-business today (10/7), going to the multiplier increase first thing tomorrow morning. See list price sheets and enter your multiplier on the Excel version to see your individual list […]

Copper Tube Increase: 10/1/20

With Copper up almost $.05 today, Copper Tube Mills have announced a multiplier increase taking effect immediately. We will be moving our multipliers up a minimum of 2.5% first thing tomorrow morning (10/1/20). To place orders at current pricing levels, please call your Merfish United representative before close-of-business today. See current price sheets on our […]

PVC, Steel and Copper Market Updates, 9/22/20

A number of factors have contributed to the volatility and rising costs of pipe: PVC – Resin prices remain high after damage to manufacturing facilities during Hurricane Laura. Prior plant damage to facilities in Louisiana and ongoing power outages continue to limit raw material availability for PVC Pipe mills, keeping supply tight. Steel – Increases […]

Copper Closes Over $3.00 Four Times This Week, Market Updates

Copper rose $.05 on Monday, 8/31 to a $3.04 close, and closed over $.03 again on Tuesday, 9/1 at $3.01. Copper closed at $3.00 on 9/2, and $3.04 on 9/4. Update, 9/8: Copper closed at $3.01 Continuing Upward Trend We’re in the second month of a sustained upward trend for Copper. Back in March, immediately […]

What’s Been Happening With Copper Recently

Copper has been very volatile this week, even after sustained increases over the past few months. See our COMEX chart for historical data. 8/24/20 Update:  New List Price Sheet Earlier this week, Copper was on a $.26 rise from $2.85 to $3.11, Monday through Wednesday. There was even talk of a new price sheet. From […]

New Copper, PVC List Price Sheets

Due to the rise in raw material costs, Copper tube mills have announced a new list price dated July 14, 2020 which we will be putting into effect tomorrow, July 15th. You can see this sheet here on our website. Enter your multiplier in the Excel sheet to see individual list prices. For more information […]