URGENT Take Action to Protect PHCP & PVF as Essential Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Together, as we face mounting challenges across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, government response has been starkly different at the federal, state and local levels. Over the past 48 hours, American Supply Association (ASA) has been working on behalf of members (and with their coalition allies) to establish what it means to be an ‘essential business’ during this crisis. In many areas, it has been a patchwork of regulations that can vary by state, county and municipality.

As a result, the ASA is taking swift action to protect the PHCP & PVF channel during the pandemic. They are taking steps to encourage states to include these crucial industries in their essential business lists. Given the small window of time we have to complete this, we are requesting our customers and their employees to help in this endeavor.

We are asking that our customers send a message to the White House, requesting a national standard for which industries qualify as ‘essential’ during this emergency. Decision makers at the federal level need to hear that the PHCP & PVF channel is crucial to our infrastructure, as well as the health and safety of citizens across the country.

Send A Quick Message

Please click on the link to send a message and also encourage your employees to do so as well:  https://app.govpredict.com/portal/grassroots/campaigns/gwvreuuy/take_action

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