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Copper Tube

Copper Increase Possible on 4/15/19

Copper is up almost $.05 in early trading this morning. If this trend continues, we will likely see a multiplier change go into effect as of close of business today and taking effect Monday. To place Copper orders before the expected increase or get more info, please call your representative now. Click here to see […]

Forklift picks copper tube at United Pipe & Steel

Copper Multiplier Increase Effective Now, Another Increase Expected Monday

Due to market conditions with copper UP over $.05 this morning, mills have raised copper multipliers by 2.5% effective immediately. If this trend continues, we may see another multiplier increase of 2.5% on Monday morning. Click here to see our copper products and list price sheets, where you can enter you multiplier for individual list […]

United Pipe & Steel Loading Truck for Delivery

PVC Increase Coming Monday, February 4th

Mills have announced a new list price sheet with an approximate increase of 5% on PVC plumbing and PVC conduit products going into effect on Monday, February 4th.  We will post the new list price sheet by Friday, February 1st. To place orders at current levels, please call your United Pipe representative: 1-800-777-7473 More Info: […]

Copper Tube

Copper Multiplier Increase Effective 1/28/19

Copper closed up 3% over $0.08/lb this past Friday (which you can track on the COMEX chart at our website). Because copper is still trending up this morning, a multiplier increase of approximately 2.5% is now in effect. Call your United Pipe representative to place orders now, or see our list price sheets and enter […]