PVC, Steel and Copper Market Updates, 9/22/20

A number of factors have contributed to the volatility and rising costs of pipe:

  • PVC – Resin prices remain high after damage to manufacturing facilities during Hurricane Laura. Prior plant damage to facilities in Louisiana and ongoing power outages continue to limit raw material availability for PVC Pipe mills, keeping supply tight.
  • Steel – Increases on hot rolled coils and stretched lead times has lead to increases on Domestic and Globally Sourced Steel Pipe.
  • Copper – Copper has closed up over $3.00 everyday since 9/11, at a high of $3.11 on 9/18. Covid recovery has been driving demand, but previous Covid-related stoppages at mining facilities has kept raw materials for Copper Tube in tight supply.
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Other shipping factors have contributed to the volatility of these pipe products, including the increasing cost of trucking and ocean freight, as well as damage to critical rail lines in Louisiana for PVC material.

How Merfish United Can Help

We help wholesalers manage their risk on these volatile commodity pipe products. We keep our stock high, in order to maintain product availability and short lead times. This allows you to buy what you need, when you need it, freeing up your cash flow and allowing you to turn inventory more quickly. Plus, we deliver to you once or twice a week, on our own trucks with our own drivers. You can rely on us in this volatile time. With us:

  • Become more competitive and manage your risk on volatile commodity products while turning inventory more quickly.
  • Break bundles and take advantage of low weight minimums while mixing and matching all products pipe and electrical products.
  • Buy what you need, when you need it.
  • Take advantage of routine ‘milk run’ delivery routes for service once or twice per week.

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