PVC Pipe Increase, New Sheet 8/18/20

PVC Pipe mills have announced that due to continued cost increases of PVC resin, they have implemented a price increase effective immediately. This comes at a time of increased demand for PVC Pipe, but following a period of decreased PVC resin production due to Covid-related stoppages in the previous few months. This is the fourth consecutive increase in as many months.

This price increase has resulted in a new list price sheet dated 8/18/20.  Print out the PDF version to keep on your desk, or enter your multiplier on the Excel version to see your individual list prices.

During this time of extreme market volatility, where mill supply is tightening and costs are rising, use Merfish United to buy what you need, when you need it. With us, become more competitive and manage your risk on volatile commodity products while turning inventory more quickly.

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