PVC Increase Effective Now, Import Steel Pipe Increase Soon

Yesterday, PVC Plumbing pipe mills announced another immediate price increase. This is a result of the continued rising costs of PVC resin and other vital ingredients used in the plastic pipe manufacturing process, which are all still related to the interruptions caused by the deep freeze storm in Texas back in February. These rising raw material costs, coupled with high demand and ongoing increased domestic freight and transportation costs, have resulted in ongoing price increases and a shortage of finished goods.

We have released new list price sheets dated 5/24. Please contact your sales rep for more information or to place orders.

Globally Sourced Steel Pipe Increase 6/1

Because of supply tightness due to high demand, lack of shipping capacity, and delays offloading material at ports around the country, we will be implementing a price increase of 10-15% on globally sourced welded steel pipe and releasing a new list price on Tuesday, 6/1. Please call your representative for more information or to place orders now.

Strut & Threaded Rod Increases in June

With continued rising input costs and supply challenges similar to other products we carry, strut and threaded rod manufacturers have announced increases of at least 10% taking effect in early June.

Other Recent Price Increases and Info:

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