New Strut List Price Sheet

  • Limited supply and high demand have resulted in increases
  • New Strut list price sheet dated 5/3
  • Metal conduit increase
  • PVC conduit increase
  • Flatbed availability is tight

Earlier this month, strut manufacturers announced an 8-18% price increase going into effect today due to rising input costs. Historic demand and low supply levels have seen cold roll steel increase 220% since July of last year. Combined with an ongoing lack of raw material availability, we expect pricing levels to continue this upward trend for the foreseeable future. We have uploaded a new strut list price sheet dated 5/3 to our website which is now in effect.

Cold roll steel is currently looking at a lead time of 10+ weeks because of supply constraints. Because of this, we can expect prices to stay higher for longer.

Our business model is designed for low-volume scenarios, like the one we’re in now. Use Merfish United as your one-stop pipe shop and add strut to your weekly steel, copper, and PVC pipe orders to make our low minimum weight for FFA. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders now

Metal Conduit Increase:

Extremely high demand for raw materials, like flat-rolled steel coil, coupled with an ongoing tightness in supply, has led manufacturers to announce an increase in steel and aluminum conduit, which is now in effect.

PVC Conduit Increase:

PVC resin costs grew through April as processing plants continued to recover from winter storm disruptions. With raw material demand high but supply low, PVC conduit mills have announced an increase that is now in effect.

Freight and Flatbed Disruptions:

Demand for flatbed carriers is usually seasonal, heating up during construction season in spring and summer. However, housing and manufacturing booms that started months ago have created an enormous demand for materials that require flatbed shipping, stretching freight availability much earlier than usual.

Merfish United delivers on our trucks, with our drivers. We keep a deep stock in our warehouses across the country, ready to ship your weekly orders with low minimums for FFA. Use us as your one-stop pipe shop, and rely on us for weekly delivery.

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