Import Steel Pipe Increase Coming 4/29/19

Due to the rising cost of Import Steel pipe, Merfish United and Merfish Pipe & Supply will increase prices by a minimum of $50/ton or 5% on Import welded steel pipe taking effect in stages over the next 30 days per the below schedule:

  • Minimum of a $25/ton or 2.5% Increase taking effect on Friday, April 26th at 5:00pm local time
  • Minimum of a $25/ton or 2.5% increase taking effect on Friday, May 10th at 5:00pm local time

Please send in your orders at current market levels, for immediate shipment through Friday, April 26th, as always product is subject to availability at time of order.

For more information, please call your Merfish United and Merfish Pipe & Supply Sales Representative. As we get closer to the increase effective dates, we will have more information.

More Info: