FlowGuard Gold CPVC Increase on 11/8

Because of continuing supply tightness and the rising cost of CPVC compound, CPVC pipe mills have announced an increase of approximately 8% for FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe, effective on Monday, 11/8. We will be holding current pricing levels through close-of-business on Friday, 11/5, and moving to new this new multiplier on 11/8. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders now.

How We Can Help

Merfish United’s business model – which enables wholesalers to buy a broad array of pipe products from one supplier, at low minimums for FFA – is designed for low and unpredictable volume scenarios, exactly like the one we are in right now. Call your representative now to schedule your next weekly delivery of mixed-and-matched pipe products.

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