Domestic Steel, Strut and Rod Increases

UPDATE: a new list price sheet on Monday, 5/24 is now available.

Domestic steel pipe mills have announced that due to continued escalating input costs, they will be increasing prices on all threaded pipe, as well as the products listed below:

  • 7% on 1/2” – 4” Continuous Weld Pipe
  • 7% on 2” – 18” Grade B ERW Pipe
  • 7% on 1” – 10” Sprinkler Pipe

We will hold prices at current levels through close of business on Friday,  5/21 and move to a new list price sheet on Monday, 5/24. Please call your representative for more information or to place orders now.

Copper Volatility and Supply Outlook

Tighter mining regulations, higher taxes on the largest producers, and huge global demand are fueling concern about the long-term supply outlook. Rely on us for stock and low order minimums for copper tube.

Globally Sourced Steel Pipe Supply Challenges

With continued limitations on raw material availability, ocean freight container shortages, long unloading times at ports, and domestic freight tightness, we expect supply challenges for globally sourced steel pipe products to continue, with a price increase likely by end of May.

Strut & Threaded Rod Increases in June

With continued rising input costs and supply challenges similar to other products we carry, strut and threaded rod manufacturers have announced increases of at least 10% taking effect in early June.

Other Recent Price Increases and Info:

More Info: