Chris Ice, US Navy, Guest Post For Veterans Day

In celebration of Veterans Day, below is from Chris Ice, a United States Navy sailor and Gulf War veteran, as well as Merfish United’s Outside Sales Representative in Arizona.

We will be recognizing our team’s veterans throughout the week. Check back for more!

I joined the US Navy in 1983 while still in college under the Delayed Entry Program with the intent on seeing the world.  I got my wish.

I served a total of 10 years with the Navy, the majority of that time spent launching fighter aircraft onboard the USS America CV-66 and a short stint on the USS Eisenhower.

During this time, I was involved in military action in Beirut, Libya and served as air support trainer onboard the “Ike” during Desert shield operations off the coast of Kuwait.

I’ve Been to the North Pole (Bluenose), through the Suez Canal and into the Gulf (Shellback) and swam in the Indian Ocean while the jarheads like Chad kept shark watch (thank you Chad!).

Visited 26 countries on four continents, but love this one the best!  Received the Navy Expeditionary medal, the Presidential Unit Citation and several service ribbons and weapons qualifications.

Qualified and served as Shipboard Fire Marshall and was put to the test in Rota Spain when a Supply helicopter missed its landing and exploded on deck.

Launched sorties in Ocean Safari 1985 against the (then Soviet Union) from the Vjestfords of Norway, just before embarking on that operation, met Mrs. Nancy Reagan who visited us while President Reagan was recovering from surgery.

I love this country and would serve again!